Sentiment analysis
solutions for your company.

We use big data to provide real-time analysis of the sentiment surrounding your industry, company or products.
SOCIAL MEDIA, NEWS, SEC filings, WHITE PAPERS, JOURNALS, SPEECHES. We are everywhere quantifying sentiment for competitive intelligence, product marketing, and investment strategy.

What We Do

Data Collection

Each day, we collect thousands of text documents, news articles, tweets, and press releases.

Data Processing

Primary and secondary lexicons identify key words. Using our algorithms, we quantify degrees of sentiment showing as positive, neutral or negative.


We present the data to you in an easily navigable dashboard to give you insight into how your company or product is being discussed in the news, on social media, in industry journals, etc.

Our Products


For individual users or investors.  A collection of company sentiment analysis  through various sources, such as SEC reports, news, social media, industry journals, and white papers.  We then bundle this intelligence into an interactive dashboard providing you with competitive intelligence, product sentiment, and company sentiment analysis. This gives you unique insights unavailable to the average investor.

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We analyze political sentiments from sources such as news articles, speeches, and social media for politicians or issues of your choosing, and then present this information to you in an interactive dashboard.

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If you are accumulating data and need creative insights to uncover its value and apply it to your industry for competitive intelligence, we can help.

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For companies looking for a customized solution using sentiment analysis for your industry, company, or products.

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Our macro news graph tracks 9 different news sources along with current market prices to show the correlation between market trends and news sentiment.

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