Our Company

Iapetus Consulting Services LLC is located in Cleveland, OH. We are a big data consulting group and research company that tracks market data for companies and indexes and overlays psychological market analysis measuring positive and negative sentiment in the news, social media, SEC reports, and politics using machine learning algorithms.

We offer unique value for any serious investor or those aspiring to be on the tip of the spear in understanding all the media out there and its impact on trading.

Mission Statement

Provide research and insights for sentiment analysis in finance.

Assisting clients with BIG DATA solutions.

Our Vision

At Iapetus, we seek to better understand complex systems through big data solutions.

Our Commitment

We want to help you or your business succeed by providing you with relevant, tailored analysis and real-time recommendations.

Our Core Principles

1. Build Trust

We go to great lengths to fulfill our commitments by providing unique and highly valuable insights for our clients.

2. Research and Development

We use psychological modeling tools to measure sentiment in news, social media, and SEC reports and determine how sentiment impacts markets.

3. Analysis

We are invested in our clients’ success and understand that meta data and mindful analysis help shape strategies.

4. Societal Synergy

We strive to better understand news cycles, social media, financial reports, and the psyche of the individuals they touch, and ultimately the economics of how our world works.