Sentiment Analysis Data Forecasts S&P 500 Gains

Sentiment Analysis Data Forecasts S&P 500 Gains


This Chart shows a positive news sentiment cluster where the average of all 9 news sources extent well into the positive band triggering our algorithm to recommend a Buy the market opportunity.  As we can clearly see a buy of the S&P 500 at this moment based on this data would prove to be a Positive Gain.  Consideration then pivots to how long to hold and when to sell.    Our Data suggests that after a very optimistic news cycle followed by several semi optimistic cycles will propel the market up.  Be cautious of the news sentiment cycle that dips sharply or when sources like NPR and the Guardian start to trend down into the negative news band.

Our new feature added bands including a positive sentiment “buy opportunity”,  “hold” when the average score is in-between the positive and negative band and “sell” when sentiment scoring is very pessimistic.  Please note our disclaimer about trading on this information alone.  Remember this graph is a tool to help shape your trading decisions and should be used most effectively with other information.  The higher Tier 2 averages which include all 9 of our News Sources provide the most complete picture.

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